In Memory of the Fly-over that never happened…..

Today (yesterday) was meant to be remembrance day. All I remembered was that I’ve got a truckload of work to be handed in by the end of the week.

My mother woke my up this morning (yes, I still live at home) to tell me that thee was meant to a fly over so to wake up. Tired as I was, I decided to open the window and go back lying down.

At this point I was in limbo. I was neither asleep nor awake. I was wrecked so naturally I tried my best to sleep. However, with this said, i also tried to stay awake to listen out for the sound of the thunderous engines of fighter pilots which would shake everything not tied down in my house.

I heard nothing of this monstrosity which must means it never happened. Unless it did and I slept through it.

The last time great infernal machines littered the skies above me was with the Queens Diamond Jubilee, where (I think) the Red Arrows flew towards Oxford way.

Before this, it was many moon ago. I think on of the Queens birthdays. We only noticed it by the fact that the whole house was shaking. We had really old and fragile metal-framed windows which received such a beating in the possibly 30 years that they were installed, that they eventually cracked.

“But this very loud Sonic Boom led us to go outside to see it was an earthquake – which are very very uncommon on sunny England, but not rare (ones above 2 on the Richter scale, are however extremely rare and only happen in places like Yorkshire, or Scotland). We looked up and saw what looked like two Lockheed Hercules “military transport aircraft”. I have no idea what types they were.

Escorting these were at least 6, possibly 10 fighters escorting it across the skies. This must have been transporting someone (or something) very important, probably the Queen or her other Royal chums, as I’ve never ever seen so many military aircraft all in one place first hand.

I live quite near an RAF base (to which the name I shall not the mention), as well as numerous others which are dotted around the area, including very special one which I shall not name (again). This locale, might explain the presence, and may also explain the reason I saw so many Chinook’s and  “military transport aircraft” when I was younger (about 10 and below)

I used to call these planes ‘Aircraft Carriers’, as hat was effectively what they did. the were aircraft that was used primarily to carry heavy goods. I knew very well at the time what and actual Aircraft Carrier was, but I didn’t know exactly what to call them.

Finally got back to work today, and it turns out I have a fuck load of work to be done by the end of the week, which I don’t think I’ll get done quick, to be honest.

But who gives a fuck about that. Like the famous Monty Python catchphrase I really need to “Get on with it!!!!”

ND: I shall hopefully be uploading some pictures I’ve taken recently, possibly next week, that is, is they’re not shit.

I think, there gonna be shit.

Yeah, they’re shit.

Or are they?


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