It’s amazing. The last time I blogged was just under 5 months ago. Don’t worry people, I haven’t died. I’m not terminally ill, or anything like that, I’ve just been busy.

As of writing, it is currently 5:15 am, on a boring Sunday in May. I wrote some poetry which was actually what got me back to this blog in the first place, as I was wondering where I should post it.

Especially seeming that it was originally intended to be posted on Twitter.

It basically reflects recent events, like most of my poetry/ rap, it is politically minded. However this has a lot more metaphors and references in it, which you can pick out at your own will, If you like.

I will help you out, however. It is mostly based around the Syrian Civil War, and the most recent events, (as of the 5th of May, 2013).

There IS some personal messages in this, however,so if you like interpretations, go ahead, be my guest.

So here goes:

there they all go past flying high
down they go right through the sky

The Reign


tiny baskets full of lead
“Why don’t they use it for pencils instead?”

their clouds are full of deadly chem
where they land is up to them

each drip it drives right through the soil
each drop it gives more blood and toil

She Waits and She Sleeps.

blood and guts spewn everywhere
his attacker has no concern, he does not care.

this reign it spills out through the land
like a childs worried mother holding her hand.

This is not the end, what I’m telling to you;
but in a few hours they will not let me through.

The skies over Aleppo

He will soon make his decision, we shall see
his particles, his neutrons, they will be free.

Take this gift now I’m going away;
tell everyone that it has come our day.

be hopeful and remember what I say;
be hopeful and remember that they will soon PAY….


A mini rap, my myself. ©

I don’t really have much to talk about today, but this is something I just wrote.
© ThouShallNotParse.

All this power and this chaos around me everyday;
I get sick of it all, when my work don’t pay.

I got the man and machine staring down at me now;
I’m wondering how, their scheming is allowed.

If revolution is the message, when will it come;
must I mobilise myself, or my daughter & son?

I ask this question without pain or commission;
The decision or position, isn’t my mission.

I love my mother, and my family too;
But if I had the choice, I would throw a shoe.

Topple Dictators who run this place;
the sole will hit him, slam bang in his face.

Remember, Remember!

There’s nothing special about this man they talk about;
He’s on the news everyday with the shit they spot.

From the land that thinks that they’re the greatest;
The truth in fact, is that they’re just racists.

They go to other lands to spread their lies;
All they care about is the oil which the consumer buys.

Laughable how people really believe their shit;
It makes me want to throw a cocktail full and lit.

I must leave now for higher places;
No not heaven but to retrieve my laces. 😀

© ThouShallNotParse.