Goundhog Day


2015. It wasn’t the greatest of greats. High and lows. Sighs and blows. Part of the journey in life that you wish you never had to experience. For it is the day of Groundhog, and for I feel is a perfect one for me to start on my journey. Screw the past and screw the future, for now it is the present, and that is all that matters.

The last day I posted was exactly a year and three weeks ago today, which is a huge miscarriage. For life is to be lived and known, not hidden away and ignored. For this be a great day, one without promises, but instead, one with want.

For that time which I have allowed you, allow me my own to pursue my own day and life, for the tradition of the blog I must bid you farewell and to be good, but if that is impossible, to stay out of trouble!

ND: Sky did an awesome 24-hour (well more like 18-hour) back-to-back marathon of the movie on this day. It was awesome and also boring as hell… after the sixth film!



While readers of this blog are well aware of what kinds of things I talk about, they are not aware of everything, like such as what I refuse to.

Expression of feelings for me, is an almost alien concept, one which I’ve never fully understood and have doubts about whether or not I ever will. While I’m not necessarily and emotionless robot, it wouldn’t be a inaccurate conclusion as in short, I never talk about my “feelings”.

Feels… everywhere!

The reason behind this, I think, is largely because as a being which takes much pride in thinking about the world logically, that something such as emotions, which can cloud ones judgement and cause friction between parties, is illogical.

Using this reasoning, I often prefer to “bottle up” emotions and only really show them in explosive outbursts, which are a direct result of my stoic outlook on life.

Not only do I find emotions illogical and irrelevant, I often have trouble figuring out why I have them and sometimes wonder if I have a mental health issue or something.

I am certainly aware that I have a moderate case of insomnia (which has led me to write this) and some anxiety issues, but I don’t quite exactly know if I have a certain disorder or if I am just being hysterical.

I really need to book an appointment with the doctor and see if I can get referred as this is really messing with me now as I recently got crewed over as a result of it.

I hope to go over this more in the coming weeks as I’ve merely scratched the surface.

Anyone got any advice, feel free to leave it in the comments!



Yeah, I haven’t blogged in while, almost a year (11 months), but that has more to do with free time than anything else.

I suppose the usual content of this blog is to document my “busy” life and as an outlet to express my hopes and feeling.

One of the main reason I stopped was due to writers block, and the fact that as a result, it was interfering with my education.

Although, with that said, I’ve been out of education for about 10 months now, and I’ve done so little, there hasn’t really been much to document.

I could bore you with the most depressing Christmas of my life, how I can’t seem to get a job or suspicions of having Tourettes, but who the hell would want to hear about that? Not me.

As it is approaching the summer, I am looking forward to it very much, although I am currently held back this spring by on any exploratory note, due the being unable to cycle anywhere.

I’ve started to relearn Esperanto about 3 months ago, giving concentration the past month, and I already feel quite confident in understanding correlatives.

Last week, in fact, I started (re)learning some vocabulary, which is something I really lack in regard to the language.

One who can speak words but have no grammar is more advantaged that one with little vocab and all the grammar rules. That is not to say Esperanto grammar is hard, but you know what I mean.

I’ve also restarted learning to program, which struck a hiatus for some time.I hope to have grasped PHP by the end of the year!


Well apart from that and emotional issues, the craic is good!


Nuff said.

On Hobbits, Wednesdays and eh…. me being back.

So this is a blog post I’ve been meaning to write for a while now. I’ve written a few notes in a few drafts but I never actually got down to doing it.

EDIT: I just realised that this post is exactly a month since my last post (minus the image, as that technically wasn’t a post) 😀

Yesterday, I had a half hour to spare so I went to the library (yeaaaaaaaaaaah), and decided to go on the computers and blog instead of looking at weird books about Radio Propagation or Ancient Sumerian history.
I gave up on the idea of my coming back post and decided to go to Google news to fins some story yo blog the shit out of. I did, however, find an article on the website for the British newspaper, The Independent on the 2011 census. It had some surprising results on a number of things, mainly religion and ethnicity, however. I did post a link to it here, but for some very very weird reason, it hasn’t seemed to have been posted, or even saved for that fact, but oh well, I’ll hopefully have that done by the weekend if I’m not already busy (which I shouldn’t be).

I can’t remember exactly whether I’ve mentioned this before or not, but Wednesdays are my day off, so all day Wednesday I effectively, have a day off. That’s probably the reason why I’m writing this now, and come to think of it, in the future, it would be a very good slot to assign to such things. Best make a note of that.

So the Hobbit will be out on Friday. I’m sure numerous WordPress people will be out in flock to see it.
I actually bought The Hobbit, or There and Back Again) by JRR Tolkien about a year ago and started to read it, but I got bored around chapter 5, Riddles in the Dark. I started reading it again the other day, deciding that instead of starting at the beginning (which will mean I will probably give up again) or go from where I left off. So I started chapter 5, and ended up reading it all.

After going through all the weird riddles Baggines and the creature, which was a quite interesting part of the book, I went online to find out how far in the first film will actually go, as I then planned to try and read ahead to catch up for when I go and see it. I then find out they are actually making three films, each coming out a year after one another. WHAT COULD BE BETTER 😀
But seriously, the first film is meant to be based around the first 6 chapters, which is pretty convenient considering the fact that I have one chapter to got to get that far 🙂

I plan to read on a bit more though, to maybe get ahead as to what is next. I hope the film is not a waste of time. Weirdly enough, my dad wants to go with me, which is probably the first time he’s actually asked me if he could come with me for something. Amazing.

And remember kids, drugs are bad. Stay away from bad. If you are bad, however, don’t get caught. Michael Jackson didn’t. 😉

In Memory of the Fly-over that never happened…..

Today (yesterday) was meant to be remembrance day. All I remembered was that I’ve got a truckload of work to be handed in by the end of the week.

My mother woke my up this morning (yes, I still live at home) to tell me that thee was meant to a fly over so to wake up. Tired as I was, I decided to open the window and go back lying down.

At this point I was in limbo. I was neither asleep nor awake. I was wrecked so naturally I tried my best to sleep. However, with this said, i also tried to stay awake to listen out for the sound of the thunderous engines of fighter pilots which would shake everything not tied down in my house.

I heard nothing of this monstrosity which must means it never happened. Unless it did and I slept through it.

The last time great infernal machines littered the skies above me was with the Queens Diamond Jubilee, where (I think) the Red Arrows flew towards Oxford way.

Before this, it was many moon ago. I think on of the Queens birthdays. We only noticed it by the fact that the whole house was shaking. We had really old and fragile metal-framed windows which received such a beating in the possibly 30 years that they were installed, that they eventually cracked.

“But this very loud Sonic Boom led us to go outside to see it was an earthquake – which are very very uncommon on sunny England, but not rare (ones above 2 on the Richter scale, are however extremely rare and only happen in places like Yorkshire, or Scotland). We looked up and saw what looked like two Lockheed Hercules “military transport aircraft”. I have no idea what types they were.

Escorting these were at least 6, possibly 10 fighters escorting it across the skies. This must have been transporting someone (or something) very important, probably the Queen or her other Royal chums, as I’ve never ever seen so many military aircraft all in one place first hand.

I live quite near an RAF base (to which the name I shall not the mention), as well as numerous others which are dotted around the area, including very special one which I shall not name (again). This locale, might explain the presence, and may also explain the reason I saw so many Chinook’s and  “military transport aircraft” when I was younger (about 10 and below)

I used to call these planes ‘Aircraft Carriers’, as hat was effectively what they did. the were aircraft that was used primarily to carry heavy goods. I knew very well at the time what and actual Aircraft Carrier was, but I didn’t know exactly what to call them.

Finally got back to work today, and it turns out I have a fuck load of work to be done by the end of the week, which I don’t think I’ll get done quick, to be honest.

But who gives a fuck about that. Like the famous Monty Python catchphrase I really need to “Get on with it!!!!”

ND: I shall hopefully be uploading some pictures I’ve taken recently, possibly next week, that is, is they’re not shit.

I think, there gonna be shit.

Yeah, they’re shit.

Or are they?


I’m sorry for getting behind on my blog posting. I missed posting yesterday, but that’s no biggie, who cares.

After posting some lengthy articles I’ve been getting bored due to it taking a lot of my time away from things and also occupies my mind all day, so it’s very hard for me to do work.

Coupled with this is the lack of views I’ve been getting which has been a bit shit,but fuck that. I never made this blog to get views or recognition, I made it to have somewhere, (that’s not Facebook) to voice my views and thoughts and to see others peoples perspectives.

I hope to continue with some more news articles in the future. I’m no journalist (actually an IT studento), but I do find it fun picking bits out of stories and adding my own little twist.

With all this said, I think I may resort to only having a few posts a week. If that becomes a pain, I shall make that once. In the past, I’ve stopped myself from posting more than one article a day, but I might stop this as it’s a little dumb. I doubt this will affect anyone as no one reads this thing, it seems, but I felt I had to get it out there.

Trust me, I’ll post some interesting things in the next coming weeks. More of my elusive photography, some poetry maybe and possibly some humour if I can be asked.
As an end note, I would like to thank those lovely 10 people who have followed me, it’s very nice to know that people find my pot that interesting, that they want to subscribe. Cheers 🙂

Black Monday

As I got up yesterday at 5pm, I was effectively wide awake around this time yesterday, so it meant I managed to stay up to the very liberal hour of 3am. Another night of pointless facebook games I started off slowly, actually checking my other profile to see if this Canadian girl I used to be good friends with, had blocked me or not (which she did )’:), which I only really took notice to due to a funny image I found on Facebook relating to Canadian accents, which I have posted below.

Lord Thunderin’!

Everyone took the piss out of her accent anyway, so it as cool, lol. But she was really nice anyway, i wish i still knew her. I love Canadian accents as they’re so diverse and reminds me a lot of Irish accents, especially with the language they use. Newfie being my favourite one.

Anyway, enough of rants about Canadia (NO, I DON’T MEAN CANADA), onto business. Well nothing really is the business so there’s nothing much to say, which when I say usually means I have a lot to say, So for today’s installment of “Life on the Open blue sea” I have very much to say. There. I said it.

Well yeah and no. But I did finally catch up with my James bond bonanza. I watched For Your Eyes Only, which somehow, and quite frankly weird as fucking shit-ly, I had already seen it. At least most of it. While I could remove my eyes from the screen when Bibi Dahl (played by real finger skater, Lynn-Holly Johnson)  was on – she is/was an incredibly sexy blonde, albeit, an annoying whiny one, I couldn’t be asked to sit through a whole hour of a film I’d already seen.

Her tasty self!

Today being the 5th of November, means that it is Guy Fawkes Night in the British Isles and a select few Commonwealth countries. This includes Ireland, which despite being of 95% Catholic, they know little about that fact that the bonfires were originally build to burn effigies of the Pope himself. Unless your Ian Paisley,  I doubt many people will accept that very well. They may even adopt the Rev. Paisley’s staunch tactic of saying No! to everything.

Mind you, in the Irish language, there exists no such words as thank you. well there does, but it’s seldom used, at least directly anyway. There defiantly isn’t a word for have, as they would say ‘I’m after doing….’ instead of ‘I have done….’. If the word No! was widespread used throughout Ireland, I suppose the hospitallic nature of the Irish race would fall apart as they would be effectively tell everyone else to feck off.

I must go. I’m after falling asleep here already. Be good, and all that other bollocks. Good night 😀