Goundhog Day


2015. It wasn’t the greatest of greats. High and lows. Sighs and blows. Part of the journey in life that you wish you never had to experience. For it is the day of Groundhog, and for I feel is a perfect one for me to start on my journey. Screw the past and screw the future, for now it is the present, and that is all that matters.

The last day I posted was exactly a year and three weeks ago today, which is a huge miscarriage. For life is to be lived and known, not hidden away and ignored. For this be a great day, one without promises, but instead, one with want.

For that time which I have allowed you, allow me my own to pursue my own day and life, for the tradition of the blog I must bid you farewell and to be good, but if that is impossible, to stay out of trouble!

ND: Sky did an awesome 24-hour (well more like 18-hour) back-to-back marathon of the movie on this day. It was awesome and also boring as hell… after the sixth film!


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