Logging in today, I have noticed that since my last post, I have acquired 4 new followers, something which I am quite grateful considering my break in using this blog, as I have lost the original, albeit small, following I once had.

Upon realisation of this, I am now thinking that I could start writing a few more journalistic articles, which was where I got most of the Google based traffic from when I started.

When I first started this blog, the idea was to create a playground for me to express ideas on a wide range of subject which tickle my fancy, from politics, to science and photography with a little bit of philosophy.

Although I do now realise that such sensitive subjects such as that which are of a political nature, are not really very well suited for such a general purpose blog. While I have no plans on splitting away on strands, if the reason see fit, I will probably make a separate blog or two like a number of people have already.

An idea I do have is to follow from the technology-based journalistic articles I have previously made which I suppose is a productive enough use of time, especially when my writing skills are horrendous.

While it may seem that I am more focused upon followers, views to my page is certainly what drives me to write more, as then I have the reassurance that at least someone is reading my material, regardless of how mediocre it may be.

Of course another thing which I hold dear is anonymity. As far as I am aware, no one that I know knows about, or read this blog, and I would rather keep it that way.

In general, I am a very private person, and often hesitate to give out my name, especially to figures of authority, mainly because I know how easy one can build a profile of an individual based solely on minor details; mainly because I’ve done it a number of times myself!

The other thing I really need to do sometime soon, which I planned on doing some time ago was to write an entire article in Esperanto, something which while I cannot do as of now, I am certainly close to it!


I’ve got nothing much else to say so…

Peace out!

much doge, very wow


Veterans’ Blogs Offer a Glimpse into Life on the Front Lines

I really like these paintings.

The Blog

Last week was the 70th anniversary of D-Day, the start of the Allied landing in Normandy, France, that contributed to the end of World War II.

While some marked it with (deserved) pomp and circumstance, we observed it by reading the latest from some of our favorite veterans’ blogs on

Carrying the Gun

Then-infantryman Don Gomez served two tours in Iraq with the US Army in the early 2000s. After a stint in graduate school and a dissertation on the experiences of Iraqi soldiers during the Iran-Iraq War, he re-upped and heads to Afghanistan later this summer as a Second Lieutenant.

carrying the gun

His blog, Carrying the Gun, is a mix of  thoughtful essays on everything from modern soldiering to women in combat to the transition from soldier to civilian. Sprinkled throughout are photos and letters from his Iraq deployments — a fascinating portrait of the life on the front lines.


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Domino’s Pizza hacked: Change your toppings at once!

This is well funny! 🙂

ESET Ireland


Apparently, hackers have gained access to 600,000 Domino’s Pizza customer details, including their favourite toppings. ESET Ireland advises users to change their pizza toppings selection to stay safe.

I am otherwise a rational and sensible cybersecurity analyst, but I draw the line when someone messes with my food. And the hackers behind this latest attack did just that. In a bid to extort money from Domino’s Pizza, they threatened to publically post detailed info of 600,000 customers, including their favourite pizza toppings unless they’re paid a ransom of €30,000. The hackers aimed at possible lawsuits against the pizza company for breach of privacy, but a representative of Domino’s said the ransom will not be paid and that the customers’ financial data and credit cards were not compromised in the attack.

The servers attacked mainly contained customer info from France and Belgium so Irish users shouldn’t be affected, but just…

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While readers of this blog are well aware of what kinds of things I talk about, they are not aware of everything, like such as what I refuse to.

Expression of feelings for me, is an almost alien concept, one which I’ve never fully understood and have doubts about whether or not I ever will. While I’m not necessarily and emotionless robot, it wouldn’t be a inaccurate conclusion as in short, I never talk about my “feelings”.

Feels… everywhere!

The reason behind this, I think, is largely because as a being which takes much pride in thinking about the world logically, that something such as emotions, which can cloud ones judgement and cause friction between parties, is illogical.

Using this reasoning, I often prefer to “bottle up” emotions and only really show them in explosive outbursts, which are a direct result of my stoic outlook on life.

Not only do I find emotions illogical and irrelevant, I often have trouble figuring out why I have them and sometimes wonder if I have a mental health issue or something.

I am certainly aware that I have a moderate case of insomnia (which has led me to write this) and some anxiety issues, but I don’t quite exactly know if I have a certain disorder or if I am just being hysterical.

I really need to book an appointment with the doctor and see if I can get referred as this is really messing with me now as I recently got crewed over as a result of it.

I hope to go over this more in the coming weeks as I’ve merely scratched the surface.

Anyone got any advice, feel free to leave it in the comments!