Logging in today, I have noticed that since my last post, I have acquired 4 new followers, something which I am quite grateful considering my break in using this blog, as I have lost the original, albeit small, following I once had.

Upon realisation of this, I am now thinking that I could start writing a few more journalistic articles, which was where I got most of the Google based traffic from when I started.

When I first started this blog, the idea was to create a playground for me to express ideas on a wide range of subject which tickle my fancy, from politics, to science and photography with a little bit of philosophy.

Although I do now realise that such sensitive subjects such as that which are of a political nature, are not really very well suited for such a general purpose blog. While I have no plans on splitting away on strands, if the reason see fit, I will probably make a separate blog or two like a number of people have already.

An idea I do have is to follow from the technology-based journalistic articles I have previously made which I suppose is a productive enough use of time, especially when my writing skills are horrendous.

While it may seem that I am more focused upon followers, views to my page is certainly what drives me to write more, as then I have the reassurance that at least someone is reading my material, regardless of how mediocre it may be.

Of course another thing which I hold dear is anonymity. As far as I am aware, no one that I know knows about, or read this blog, and I would rather keep it that way.

In general, I am a very private person, and often hesitate to give out my name, especially to figures of authority, mainly because I know how easy one can build a profile of an individual based solely on minor details; mainly because I’ve done it a number of times myself!

The other thing I really need to do sometime soon, which I planned on doing some time ago was to write an entire article in Esperanto, something which while I cannot do as of now, I am certainly close to it!


I’ve got nothing much else to say so…

Peace out!

much doge, very wow