A mini rap, my myself. ©

I don’t really have much to talk about today, but this is something I just wrote.
© ThouShallNotParse.

All this power and this chaos around me everyday;
I get sick of it all, when my work don’t pay.

I got the man and machine staring down at me now;
I’m wondering how, their scheming is allowed.

If revolution is the message, when will it come;
must I mobilise myself, or my daughter & son?

I ask this question without pain or commission;
The decision or position, isn’t my mission.

I love my mother, and my family too;
But if I had the choice, I would throw a shoe.

Topple Dictators who run this place;
the sole will hit him, slam bang in his face.

Remember, Remember!

There’s nothing special about this man they talk about;
He’s on the news everyday with the shit they spot.

From the land that thinks that they’re the greatest;
The truth in fact, is that they’re just racists.

They go to other lands to spread their lies;
All they care about is the oil which the consumer buys.

Laughable how people really believe their shit;
It makes me want to throw a cocktail full and lit.

I must leave now for higher places;
No not heaven but to retrieve my laces. 😀

© ThouShallNotParse.


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