Black Monday

As I got up yesterday at 5pm, I was effectively wide awake around this time yesterday, so it meant I managed to stay up to the very liberal hour of 3am. Another night of pointless facebook games I started off slowly, actually checking my other profile to see if this Canadian girl I used to be good friends with, had blocked me or not (which she did )’:), which I only really took notice to due to a funny image I found on Facebook relating to Canadian accents, which I have posted below.

Lord Thunderin’!

Everyone took the piss out of her accent anyway, so it as cool, lol. But she was really nice anyway, i wish i still knew her. I love Canadian accents as they’re so diverse and reminds me a lot of Irish accents, especially with the language they use. Newfie being my favourite one.

Anyway, enough of rants about Canadia (NO, I DON’T MEAN CANADA), onto business. Well nothing really is the business so there’s nothing much to say, which when I say usually means I have a lot to say, So for today’s installment of “Life on the Open blue sea” I have very much to say. There. I said it.

Well yeah and no. But I did finally catch up with my James bond bonanza. I watched For Your Eyes Only, which somehow, and quite frankly weird as fucking shit-ly, I had already seen it. At least most of it. While I could remove my eyes from the screen when Bibi Dahl (played by real finger skater, Lynn-Holly Johnson)  was on – she is/was an incredibly sexy blonde, albeit, an annoying whiny one, I couldn’t be asked to sit through a whole hour of a film I’d already seen.

Her tasty self!

Today being the 5th of November, means that it is Guy Fawkes Night in the British Isles and a select few Commonwealth countries. This includes Ireland, which despite being of 95% Catholic, they know little about that fact that the bonfires were originally build to burn effigies of the Pope himself. Unless your Ian Paisley,  I doubt many people will accept that very well. They may even adopt the Rev. Paisley’s staunch tactic of saying No! to everything.

Mind you, in the Irish language, there exists no such words as thank you. well there does, but it’s seldom used, at least directly anyway. There defiantly isn’t a word for have, as they would say ‘I’m after doing….’ instead of ‘I have done….’. If the word No! was widespread used throughout Ireland, I suppose the hospitallic nature of the Irish race would fall apart as they would be effectively tell everyone else to feck off.

I must go. I’m after falling asleep here already. Be good, and all that other bollocks. Good night 😀


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