Boring Waste of a Day

A short post for today, but I’ll tell you why if you be so kind to read on.

Today was a shit day as last night had real difficulty in getting to sleep. This meant that I didn’t actually to sleep last night. When I heard my mother get up at 5am, I thought why not go say hello before she leaves.

So yeah, I got up, had some tea and a marmalade on toast (how quintessentially English), and waved her goodbye. I went on the computer to take over her Farmville, et al Facebook games for her to harvest her stuff.

It was freezing bass monkeys, but despite making the decision to stay up for the day, i went to bed because it was sooooooooo bloody cold. Anyway, I did that, and ended up falling asleep.

I was absolutely gutted when i woke up at 5pm, having wasted the whole day on doing nothing. Total shit. At least now I’ve had time to listen to my Short Wave radio, which was quite fun. I might make this into a habit. The listening thing on Sunday nights, not the sleeping all day thing.

Romania Radio International (RRI) were doing their annual Listener’s Day today, which was quite interesting. Their topic was on “Europe” and had all sorts of stuff about it from their listeners, and some stuff about how radio is still a good way to get information out to people, despite the internet taking its place in a way.

they said that Europe comes from “Europa”, who was a Phoenician Princess or something. She was mean to have been very beautiful which was meant to have been how the continent got its name, from being very pretty.

I have little to write about today, as I said, I did very little. All I can say is that I could murder some pizza now. I wonder if there’s some left in the freezer. I’ll defiantly be cooking some, regardless of whether or not it is 23:47 GMT (more quintessential Englishness) or not.

So I’m off to have some pizza. Remember, Be good! And If you can’t be good, Stay Out of Trouble. 😀


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