ESET Ireland

In recent weeks reports have been coming in, of ransomware appearing on some infected Irish computers. It uses (poorly translated) Irish language in a message that claims the user’s computer has been locked – either by Garda or by some government agency – for some alleged illegal activity, such as downloading illegal content or distributing malware, and can only be unlocked if a €100 fine is paid within 72 hours via some convenient online payment service.

The ransomware “as Gaeilge” in this case is just a variety of several localisations by the cybercriminals, as the same content also targeted computer users in UK, Holland, Poland, Spain, France, Belgium, etc. adapting the language to the locations of the victims. (In one case the scammers even made a mistake and mixed up the Irish .IE and Iranian .IR domains, which resulted in Irish computers displaying Iranian text.)

This is of course all…

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