End of the world…. Who knows?

Today was a crazy, hectic lie. I did very little today.

The most strenuous thing was probably cleaning the muck of over 20 years of use, off of the lenses of my Canon. It’s not like I can go out and get new ones as FD mounts are both not made anymore and hard to come by. They are very costly online, and almost the same at charity shops.

In my local Oxfam Books, I found a few made by some weird company I’ve never heard of, each at around £30. The nice man there gave me an almost, but not quite entirely un-wanted lecture about them. I blanked out right after he started to ramble on about aperture (what the hell is that, anyway). It was a delight to hear that he had sold T70’s brand new in the 1980’s, but his enthusiasm seemed to wear off from that moment on.

He did make mention to it being the best camera in the series, to which I think he was just being polite. But it was nice of him not to expect me to buy them, like a lot of places (like Jessops).  If you read my previous posts, you would know I bright Colloquial (Levantine) Arabic at an Oxfam Books shop. It was the very same store if you were wondering at all.

Speaking of Levantine Arabic, I always wondered, whenever I saw the term ‘Levant’, what it was actually referring to. I knew it was in Asia, but I wasn’t sure exactly where. The location in question is around Palestine, Trans-Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and apparently also Cyprus. It was nice to know after all these years of wondering, despite never ever thinking of looking it up.

Actually, I didn’t look it up, but saw it in a book of the history of the world, in maps, that my kind uncle gave me as he had no use  for it due to his kids having the internet. Such a lovely book, which i was using while watching Andrew Marr’s History of the world on the BBC iPlayer. I was a little lost about the places he was talking about,and this book is very visual and contains  many maps (which I love) so it was a useful resource.

When I was younger, I spend much of my time looking at maps,which serves  me well as I know every country and nearly all of their locations,  as well as the majority of their respective flags & languages

That’s enough of today, I really need to get some sleep and get into the habit (again) of going to sleep early. Good night all and be good. And if you can’t be good, Stay out of Trouble! 😀


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