Post name? God knows

If you can probably tell by my inability to come up with a reasonable title, I am pretty lazy today which was mainly down to despite deciding to get up early-ish for a change, my day was ruined by my dad heaving all of the contents of his van through the house causing dust to circulate giving an silvery musk of a taste in the air with the most awful smell attached to thereof.

I continued my James Bond marathon, well until Sky stop showing them at least. I watched The Spy Who Loved Me, a film which I realised 10 minutes in, that I’d seen most of it already. I fast forwarded it, as you do, to about 30 minutes of the end, which was quite fun I think. It felt like an achievement, almost.

After which I decided on connecting my Xbox 360 to the sitting room TV, which it full HD was a utterly amazing spectacle. I’ve never seen it being used in such good quality. That said, as I hadn’t connected it to the internet in well over a year, updates took over an hour to download and update, with at least 5 restarts. While waiting, I connected up the Mega Drive (yes, to a HD TV) and played Sonic the Hedgehog, which I got a lot more enjoyment out of than The Godfather game, which I set out to play.

This would be the first time in many months that I have actually sat down and played my Xbox. I’ve (hilariously) been called anti-social for not playing it enough, but to be honest, it gives me more pain than enjoyment. Computer games are boring in today’s world. It makes me wonder how the big games company’s struggle to compete with retro, as in many cases, it’s far better.

I haven’t been cut off from gaming fully, as on occasion I play Facebook games (my mother makes me, I promise) and the Empire and Napoleon games in the Totals War series. Unlike a lot of kids my age when I started college, I had not interest in games programming. It honestly never struck a chord with me. Mind you, a lot of those who were so eager, had never programmed before and/or were terrible at maths.

From looking at my options more openly, I’m getting more interested in Web Design/Dev, mainly due to me finding it generally simple and easy. I’ve been teaching myself JavaScript using many internet sources since before the summer, and I started in on python possibly as far back as 2008.

But this isn’t a post of computer games of programming or jobs, but just about general life. What is life? What’s its meaning? What is the true purpose? Who really knows, and in today’s demanding world, who really cares?


Well my lovely readers, Be good, and If you can’t be good, stay out of trouble! 😀


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