Stuff I forgot to blog about

So yeah. Yesterday I was basically going to blog about things which happened, but somehow I didn’t. This could have been due to sheer forgetfulness – to which I am long accustomed to, being too lazy or the fact that I hadn’t actually finished what I set out to do for the day.

My bedroom window faces westerly. At around 5am everyday, the moon sets to the south-east, and some nights (mornings) in which I am struck with insomnia, I like to watch.

For the past few day, the moon has cast a magical glare over the landscape. A shadowy blue tint illuminating all that falls within its path. Like the night before, the beautiful image which I captured at the same time with my compact, I planned to do again, but with my Canon T70 35mm instead.

The only issue I found with this was, that I was so tired from my eventful day, that I completely forgot and fell asleep around half 2. I eventually woke up at 8am, like I often do on weekdays (except today was a Wednesday, so I normally wouldn’t need to get up anyway). I was gutted when I realised it was bright outside and not a single trace of the moon. Just clouds clouds everywhere, not a single illuminatus.

But what exactly did I do. Well after crudely awakening at 12pm, I had breakfast, the usual, then decided to go to town at 3pm, weirdly. Spent most of my day scourging charity shops hunting down some cheap as chip electrical goods. Hopefully old radios or phone gear. I did find a pair of mini-tape answering machines which I found particularly interesting.

I was in Oxfam Books actually, which was where I found an old school ‘Colloquial’ language book. The one is particular, being for Levantine Arabic. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to buy it. The rarity of these books is silly. Especially the older ones. Looking at the reviews on amazon, it seems to a pretty rubbish book with a mere 100 pages, a third of the majority of the books in the series, but I did not buy it to learn it, especially not now anyway.

If I ever was to learn a language of the middle east, first I would have to tackle possibly either standard Arabic or Egyptian Arabic, the latter being the most widely understood. Standard Arabic, from what I’ve heard, is very hard to learn, almost like Classical Latin or Sanskrit. But I’ll leave the lectures on linguistics for another day.

The real reason I went to town, you should know if you read my previous post, was to buy some 35mm film. Word must have caught on from this, as when I arrived, they were almost cleared out. I planned on buying up to 20 rolls, but when I arrived, there were merely 9, two of which were already opened. Instead of taking which ever one on the basis of least damaged, I decided to take all 9. With 2 pint cartons of milk for a pound, what a bargain at a tenner.

I then retired to home at just after 4pm. The sound of the market square clock tower alerting me as soon as I stumbled upon it’s steppes. The four consecutive rings almost generate a classical English market town feel. I gentle scroll through some market stalls selling almost junk, turned up nothing but rust covered hands. At home, with film in hand, I loaded my camera and took some delightful snaps of some chem trails and a glider.

I wish I could have more days like this. Sadly today was a cold and wet day – the Irish in me permits me to call it very soft. It got worse later on, with actual hail. Coupled with my near-retarded neighbour setting off fireworks in the midst of it all. All it made was a horrible noise and a light spark. But oh well. There’s always tomorrow.

Tomorrow Never Dies, or so I’m told.


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