Post in Other Languages

I’ve been thinking that sometime in the future I’m going have to do a post fully in Esperanto. I’m nowhere being fluent, but of the over-3 billion people on this planet, only 2000 are meant o know every single word. It probably wont be fully up to standard. I’ll defiantly need feedback on it as I’m still not 100% with grammar et al. But it will be a great exercise  for the practice of my new skill, as writing, along with reading and speaking, is very important in acquisition.

Mi Estas Esperanton!

Mi Estas Esperanton!

It shall not be anytime soon, so don’t expect much. Probably in at least 6 months as I don’t have much opportunities to practice. I really need to expand my lexicon so I can used sentences properly instead of talking about the same old shit over and over. But once that happens I’ll keep ye all posted, literally.


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