A bit late, but oh well who cares…..

Yeah, Today, or should I say yesterday, I was a tad late on submitting something, but the thing is, it takes a whole day to think of something to blog about anyway, so I suppose writing these at ridiculous hours of the morning (mind you now it’s only 1am) makes much sense.

Nothing really to comment about today to be honest. For a change I got out of bed at 10am (yeah, I know) and watched 2 James Bond films. I then proceeded to watch some Monty Python’s Flying Circus episodes on our living room TV via my laptop and a trusty HDMI cable.

The highlight of my day (up to this significant point it was a good day anyway) was seeing the beautiful effect that the big and bright moon was having on the ground (the moonlight caused everything in its path to cast shadows). You could practically navigate without the aid of street lamps, it was so bright.

It had a twilight tingle (not the film/book series) About it. An almost romanticist feast for the eyes. Sadly I had ran out of 35mm film the other night (it was actually 5 o’clock in the morning) so I could only take pictures with my not-so-trusty Finepix AX250. Mind you I know more about what I’m doing with that thing than the film camera, which is a Canon T70 (yeah I know, It’s old).

That said, the time I did run out of film was exactly when I figured out how to do long exposure shots. My plan is to go to Poundland tomorrow and buy about 20 rolls of film. I still haven’t gotten around to getting my pictures processed as of yet, but I plan on stockpiling 10 or 20 and then getting them processed in bulk and possibly converted to digital format so I can use online without having to scan them in separately. Also works out cheaper that way, as I’m told.

Apart from this, there’s nothing much else to say really, apart from:

Be good. And if you can’t be good, Stay out of trouble! 😀

And I’m your host, Troy MacSomethingorother kaj Bonan Matenon!


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