I found my old-school DECT BT Home Phone 1010 earlier on and have spent the evening looking up hacks for it and DECT in general. This look very interesting.

Bernd Marienfeldt


More than a year ago people done serious research on the topic of the DECT security and found significant flaws but since then nothing changed dramatically in the way the industry implements DECT. I guess most people are probably not fully aware of that DECTs insecurity could affect them. In April 2010 experts are now able to recover the DECT standard Cipher key [1,8,9]. Please note that I have done my analysis when the topic was just raised and it’s quite likely that some of the OS specific issues have changed in the meantime.

What’s it all about:

Remember the good old days when people made their calls from a traditional landline and had their tripping hazard all inclusive:

These days people usually got cordless phones which are more convenient but unfortunatelly insecure in utilizing the DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) protocol standard as demonstrated [1],[2] by members of the CCC-Chaos Computer Club

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